segunda-feira, 23 de abril de 2007

Wanna use Bluetooth with JME ? Try Marge !!

Hi all!!

Have you ever wanted to (or had to) develop a JME application with connectivity by Bluetooth but gave up ? Have you already thought: I'll create something to get it easier ?
So, two guys from Florianópolis thought the same and created a framework that can help you on creating applications with Bluetooth: The Project Marge (visit the project´s home page at:

They are at the beginning, but with the available release you can create games and whatever you want. They said that the major goal of the project is create something easy to use and using the framework you would create bluetooth applications with a minimum knowledge on bluetooth theory, just with some gets and sets! ;-) .

I'll be involved at the project helping them creating a game support for the framework and providing all support at JME Brasil. They going to put all documentation at JME Brasil and providing some examples and articles about the framework.

I think it´s a great project and I'm sure you won´t waste your time visiting their home page!!


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Bruno Ghisi disse...


thanks for all support! We hope people could use Marge and make bluetooth applications easily! We are working for that!

Marge walks with JME Brasil!


rodrigo disse...

Hi Folks,

I appreciate Marge project. It's a really great initiative. Bluetooh applications are the future! Best of luck on this tough task!

Rodrigo Pereira.

Bruno disse...

You can also use Marge with JSE, but you will need a bluetooth stack implementation and a java lib to access it!