sábado, 21 de abril de 2007

Sun Tech Days @ São Paulo

Hi all!

Well, don´t be afraid... you are really at "Neto Marin" blog´s !!!
From now on i´ll ever write my posts in English to reach more users, but if you didn´t like it please let me know sending me an e-mail and I will send to you the translation of this post. It´s in my TO DO list create a portuguese version of this Blog ;-)

So, let´s talk about Sun Tech Days 2007 @ São Paulo (March 18-20) =D
It was a fantastic moment to get contact with many different kind of people and exchange a lot of experience and impressions about JME, major at the JME Day!

Yes! We had a day to discuss this great technology (in my opinion hehe) and to close with a "gold key" the participates of STD could discuss at the JME Fishbowl!!! A lot of (very) interesting themes was discussed and I had the great opportunity to talk about JME Brasil!!!

And because this, I did fantastics contacts like with Phil and Roger from Sun Microsystems about the Mobile and Embedded Community!!!

Also, I talked a lot with Bruno and Lucas about Marge Project (a bluetooth jme framework) and the decided to put all the project documentation at JME Brasil and I´ll collaborate with game extension to Marge Framework :-)

Well, I have a lot of news, but now I wanna sleep... after this three days driving everyday Campinas/São Paulo/Campinas I´m broken!!!

On next days I'll post my impressions (and opinions) about the themes explored at Sun Tech Days of this year!!

Thanks all!

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